Why Adopt?

With so many ways to acquire a new pet, why should you consider adoption? One of the best reasons is because when you adopt a pet, you provide an opportunity for a new life to not one, but two homeless animals: the one you adopt, and the one who can move into their space at our shelter as they await their own adoption.

Homeless animals find their way into shelters for many different reasons. Sometimes their family can no longer care for them. Sometimes another animal in the home may not get along with them. Sometimes they have been lost and their owner is not seeking to locate them. Too often, a homeless animal is the unfortunate victim of a changed life circumstance, and their presence in their current home is no longer possible. As shelters continue to fill up, too many of these animals simply end up on the street, unclaimed, confused and frightened.

We make a commitment when we bring home ANY pet, shelter pets included. That commitment recognizes the time, effort and care we must make to provide the proper home for our new friend. Understanding that all animals need an opportunity to acclimate to their new living spaces, a chance to learn what is expected of them and the time to develop their trust of us is key to helping them easily transition into their new life.

Our adoptable animals have much love to give. Like all domestic pets, they tend to thrive when they are in safe, predictable and loving circumstances. And when you give a homeless animal a chance, you discover the unique reward of making a big, positive difference in that animal's life.