Volunteer Job Opportunities


Animal Care

Cat Cuddler – Cat cuddlers interact with the feline residents of our adoption center to improve the quality of life for the cats while they are here at the FSAC-SPCA. Volunteers work with shy, skittish or under socialized cats to help make them healthy and happy and ultimately more adoptable.
Requirement: Must participate in Kitty City Training.  Be available during normal business hours. Have no allergy to cats. Must be over the age of 16, or 11 with an adult.

Dog Walker – Dog walkers take adoptable dogs for walks on SPCA grounds, teach proper manners and behaviors. The walks serve to exercise, socialize, and keep dogs behaviorally healthy during their stay at the shelter. Walkers are responsible for leashing the dog, removing the dog from the kennel, maintaining control over the dog for the entire walk, and putting the dog back in its kennel in accordance with SPCA handling protocols.

Requirement: Must participate in Kennel Training.  Be available during normal business hours and have no physical limitations that prevent you from handling excited dogs. Must be over the age of 16, or 14 with an adult.

Cat and Dog Caretakers – Animal caretakers assist the kennel staff with cleaning, feeding, watering and general care of the animals, as well as monitoring the kennels and/or cat cages in the adoption center to ensure a clean, healthy, and welcoming environment for the animals and potential adopters.

Requirement: Must participate in Kennel and/or Kitty City Training, with extra training on cleaning procedures. Must be available from 8:00am – 10:30am for initial cleaning and during normal business hours for maintenance. Must be over the age of 16.


Adoption Assistant – Greet and direct visitors to the adoption areas. Help prospective adopters find their perfect companion by interacting with them and the animals. Assist adopters with the application process. Volunteers can also be trained to take adoptable animals to places for on-site adoptions.

Requirements: Must participate in Kennel and/or Kitty City Training, be instructed on the adoption process and be able to answer questions from the public about adoption procedures. Need to know the information found on kennel cards and how to relay that information to customers. Must be over the age of 18.

Adoption Events – The SPCA often holds special adoption events at off-site locations throughout the year. Volunteers are always needed to help set up, handle animals, answer questions from the public, and assist with the adoption process.

Requirements: Must participate in Kennel and/or Kitty City Training and Event Training. Have reliable transportation. Be available on weekdays or weekends.  

 Foster Care Program

These dedicated volunteers provide temporary care for long or short periods of time for young animals, as well as sick, injured, or under socialized animals, until they can be safely returned to the shelter for adoption.

Requirements: Must fill out a separate foster application, be trained on how to care for each special foster case, and have an appropriate area of their home where foster animals can be kept away from resident pets if needed.

 Community Programs

Community Events – Community event volunteers take our information to community events and promote our shelter and its programs, collect donations and answer basic questions from the public.

Requirements: Must receive relevant instruction for each specific event. Volunteers must be at least 11 years old accompanied by a supervising adult.

Friend of the FSAC – Volunteers who go places on their own and advocate for our animal shelter, its programs and the animals in our care.

Requirement- Must have a clear knowledge of the shelter, its operating policies, programs and adoption requirements. Gain approval of planned sites with Executive Director, Director of Operations or Community Outreach Manager.

Wellness Clinics – The FSAC-SPCA sponsors wellness clinics at our shelter. Volunteers are needed to help with various tasks such as; answer questions, write out customer receipts, help with setup and /or parking.  

Requirements: Must participate in Clinic Training, and be available in the evenings. Receipt volunteers must be over the age of 18. Line helpers can be under the age of 18.

Education Assistant – These volunteers go to schools and promote the shelter by giving information about our services and ways to help the organization.

Requirements: Must be good with children, have reliable transportation and a good presence while speaking to a crowd. Be trained on materials and programs to ensure proper information is given. Must be over the age of 18.

Fundraising Events – Volunteers who assist the staff with events that generate money for the shelter and its programs.

Requirements: Must participate in Event Training and be available on week nights and/or weekends. Be willing to engage the public and have a good presence while speaking to a crowd. Age requirements will vary with each fundraiser. All youth volunteers must have a supervising adult with them at all times.

Youth Opportunities

Book buddy Volunteers - children ages 6-10 can bring a book and read to our resident cats
Requirements: Must have adult supervision and sign general liability waiver.

Helping Hands Volunteers - children ages 11-13 can come wash food bowls, prepare food for next day, scoop pasture, do laundry, make treats and/toys for shelter animals. These volunteers can also participate in the Read and Relax Program (Youth can read to the shelter dogs so they learn to sit quietly in the kennels)
Requirements: Must have adult supervision and sign general liability waiver.

Junior Volunteers - youth ages 14-16 can do regular volunteer duties with a supervising adult.

Group Opportunities

We take group volunteers for certain projects or activities at the Center. We ask that all groups call ahead to schedule this. It is best to have a project in mind that would benefit our animals or make our shelter a more inviting place. Some of these activities include; trimming trees/bushes, weeding outside areas, planting flowers, laying mulch, picking up trash, debris from parking areas, etc.