Willow ID#356167

This is Willow, she is the pretty Guinea Pig with the blacker coloring. All the Guinea Pigs have been together their whole lives and are best friends. They are all about a year old and are used to being handled. One lady owned all three of them and just could not keep them anymore because of certain circumstances. She said she would often hold them and cuddle them. They are all three females, so you do not have to worry about breeding or such things. If you are interested in one of these cuties or all three, please ask a kennel tech to take them out for you so you can hold them and see how you guys bond. Guinea Pigs are great pets if you are looking for something to start out but do not want the responsibility of having a dog or a cat. They are a great first pet and would love to go to a home where they are well taken care of and get the attention and love they deserve.