Fozzy ID#355112

Fozzy is a shy, insecure young dog. He is less than a year old and has had very little human contact as a pup. He is improving his social skills and become more open but he still will need lots of attention and patience until he is completely comfortable with human companionship. He is improving walking on a leash and wont tug or pull, but should be walked with a good harness or a martengale style collar to insure that he wont slip out. He gets nervous sometimes when he goes somewhere new, but with a little praise and reassurance he starts to trust and follow. He was around other dogs but he gets uncomfortable sometimes and will bark. Again with proper training and positive reinforcement he will become more confident and will most likely stop this behavior. He will need a secure fenced in yard and supervision until he is more comfortable with people and will respond to the command "Come". Looking into his eyes you can see he wants to be a normal dog but he needs the right quite home that is whiling to work with him and show him what true love from humans is really like.

Fozzy (1).jpg