Bobby ID # 347349

Bobby is a handsome, large Husky mix with striking ice blue eyes. He is an attention grabber. Bobby is still on the younger side and shows it. He is a strong guy who is extremely active. He needs an owner that can keep up with him and show him how to control his activity levels.  We have a volunteer who is constantly working with him to maintain his manners and focusing his energy in training. After he leaves the shelter his training will have to be continued to ensure that his manners and good behavior sticks. He is a smart dog that has shown a lot of improvement with training, continuing training at home would benefit him and your relationship. He would love to have an active home, where he can run, play, and explore the world. We ask that he meets every possible dog brother or sister in a new home. Bobby just does not seem to like every doggy he meets which is perfectly normal for a shelter animal! Being as though Bobby is on the larger side and is very energetic we recommend he does not go to a house with small kids. If you have any more questions about Bobby be sure to ask a kennel tech or volunteers that work with him every day. Bobby also will not do well in a home with cats.