Dexter ID# 347247

Dexter is an 11 month old Jack Russell Terrier.  His past owner stats that he is good with other dogs, strangers, and children.  Dexter requires daily exercise to keep him busy mentally and physically.  If he is left alone and board he will chew things.  This can be prevented by providing Dexter with plenty of his own toys and inedible chew bones.  Dexter would like a wide open space to run.  He is not a breed who is suitable for apartment life.  He does like to dig so supervising him outdoors is much needed.  This is a highly intelligent breed of dog.  Once Dexter is properly trained and settled in a FOREVER home he is sure to make the BEST companion dog.

Butler ID # 346836

Butler is an 8 week old kitten.  He promises to me a loyal male servant by greeting guests at the door, keeping his litter box nice and tidy, and trying not to leave any crumbs behind near his food dish!

Chico ID # 304530

Hello, my name is Chico.  I am about 6 years old.  I am looking for a forever home.  I was brought in due to my previouw owner was losing her home and could no longer care for me.  I will need an owner that can keep up on the fleas and keep them at bay.  I would really love to find a forever home.  I will need to be in a home with either a submissive dog or no dog.  I tend to be a little dominate.  If you have a dog, they must come in and meet me to see if we will get along.  I must go to a home with NO CATS.  I would like some help with housebreaking. I really want you to take me home with you.

Oliver ID# 208917

Oliver is about 7 years old.  He is a sweet boy that needs a forever home.  He will need time to adjust to his new home but is hoping that you have a forever home for him.  Please consider him for adoption

Bylers ID# 168722

Bylers is a 10 year old cat.  He is a return adoption from 2008.  His pet parents are moving out of the country and can only take the dog!   He is a very sweet boy.  He likes to make bread with his paws.  He is front paw declawed.  This senior guy would really love to spend his senior years on a lap in a home. 

Eireann ID# 346581

Eireann is 4 years old.  She is a laid back and reserved cat.  She would like a quiet home where she can enjoy peaceful naps and pampering kitty time.  Adopt Eireann or donate towards her care.