In our ongoing effort to reduce healthy animal euthanasia, we have changed our policy of acceptance. We will accept unwanted animals as space permits and will maintain a waiting list of animals to be relinquished. As soon as space becomes available on our adoption floor, these animals will be brought in to prepare them for adoption into forever homes.

WE UNDERSTAND THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT AND IMPACTFUL CHANGE.  As a non-profit agency we rely on donations from the public to support our efforts with lost, unwanted, adoptable and neglected animals. These donations are vital. 

As always, the animals in the care of the the First State Animal Center and SPCA are vaccinated against contagious disease, spayed or neutered, vaccinated against rabies, and microchipped prior to being offered for adoption. If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to contact our customer service employees at 302-943-6032, extension 2.

Our shelter also provides cremation services for those pet owners who wish to utilize them.

 Overall, the majority of the animals surrendered to us are healthy and loving; and many of them have been adopted to forever homes or transferred to a safe partnership organization. Our adoptable animals come in every size, shape, color and personality. Each year, almost three thousand people adopt one or more of our wonderful animals and over two thousand pets get returned home or transferred to another adoption organization.

The animals in our charge are genuinely loved and cared for by our dedicated veterinarians, kennel and adoption staff.

Since we are a privately-owned 501(C)(3) not-for-profit shelter, we can house the animals for as long as the Delaware law allows, we deem it humane, and we have space.  We currently have 84 canine kennels and 86 feline cages maintained for adoptions. Another 116 kennels/cages are used for medical treatment and holding purposes, but in spring-summer months, known in animal welfare as "the kitty season,"  we may have as many as 800 cats surrendered to us each month.  Even utilizing all of our foster homes and partnership-transfer agencies, it is with great heartbreak that some needing basic medical treatment or more socialization may be euthanized due to no space or no other agency with which to go.

Saying NO to euthanasia, proclaiming you are a “No Kill” shelter and turning away animals are nothing more than empty words if you close your eyes to the real problems of pet overpopulation. Help break the chain of unnecessary births. You Can Make A Difference!


Shelter Fees


Puppy - $260.00                    
Dog - $185.00                        
Kitten - $85.00                      
Cat - $60.00                          

Canary - $20.00                                Extras:
Chicken - $10.00                            
Cockatiel - $50.00                        
Cockatoo - $350.00                        Boarding (additional day) - 20.00
Dove - $15.00                                   Surrender Fee Dog - $20.00
Duck - $10.00                                   Surrender Fee Cat - $20.00
Ferret - $25.00                                                       
Finch - $15.00                                                         
Goose - $10.00
Horse - $500.00                                                   
Iguana - $60.00                                                        
Love Bird - $15.00                                                  
Macaw - $400.00                                                   
Parakeet - $15.00                                                   
Rabbit - $15.00                                               
Small Rodent - $15.00                                             
Guinea Pig - $15.00                                                       
Surgical (when available):                         

Feline spay $70 includes a Rabies Vaccine  
Feline neuter $50 includes a Rabies Vaccine  
In Heat fee - $25.00                                                
Clinic Prices:                                                            

Rabies vacc - $20.00                                                
DA2PP - $15.00                                                                
Bordetella - $15.00                                                    
FVRCP - $15.00

Microchip - $25.00  
4DX/FeLV Testing - $25                                                      

Dogs over 8 years old are $88.00
Cats over 8 years old are $30.00