Mookie enjoying the good life


This Friday will mark 3 weeks since we found our newest best friend & source of entertainment.   Doodle Bug has become Mooka or Mookie & fits in like she was always part of our family.  Our 1.5 hour trip home made for a great nap, especially on her new grandmom's lap.  
She is still trying to figure out why the cats aren't as excited by her as she is by them,  but she's learning that they still aren't sure what she is. Her daily game of "how many toys will fit in my mouth at once" is especially entertaining.   Her high score is improving as she grows.
She loves checking out all of the smells along our trails & around the farm.  The horses are still a curiosity as well, but she is getting used to them & maintains a healthy respective for them.  After all, they are very big & have big feet. 
My coworkers all love her and look forward to the days she visits.   Her favorite work task is laying in my lap while I try to work at the computer.     I fully expected adopting a dog would be a joy, but Mooka has brought us more joy then we could have ever imagined. 
Thank you for saving her & all of the wonderful animals you all save.
Have a happy & blessed Thanksgiving!

Elaine Rea-Whited

Snickers is a 'fetching' cat

Jenny at home