Misrepresentation by Blevins and the OAW

An eye opening video clip, for those unaware, of Senator Blevins' and the Office of Animal Welfare's (OAW) deceitful presentation to the FSAC-SPCA board regarding the future of animal control statewide.  Note how Senator Blevins states how she would like all of the shelters to come together to make a plan for a Dog Control in the state, and create an establishment of a public/private partnership.  No meeting after this one ever occurred to discuss the matter any further.  There were no meetings with board members, government, or the public as she stated.  Instead, the change for the state to take over Dog Control was decided in the wee hours of the morning, pushed through by Senator Blevins, herself, as part of the state budget.  

The video clip of Senator Blevins discussing future meetings can be found here:

Furthermore, Senator Blevins again made untrue statements to the Senate when questioned by Colin Bonini.  Her first false statement was that the Animal Welfare Taskforce decided that the state take over Dog Control.  This was not decided by the group, it was merely a recommendation to investigate animal control. 

Secondly, Senator Blevins stated the FSAC used "large vans" for dog control, all which had over 300,000 miles on them.  She stated that the equipment would not be an issue. FSAC uses trucks for dog control and one van to transport animals between the satellite shelters and the main shelter located in Camden.

The mileage of the Dog Control vehicles is as follows:

1-2007 truck with 300k miles

3-2007 trucks with 230k, 143k, 152k miles

1-2008 truck with 122k miles

3-2010 trucks with 100k, 171k, 90k miles

1-2011 truck with 15k miles

6-2013 trucks with 15k, 15k, 15k, 15k, 10k, 10k, miles

2-2014 trucks with 5k miles

1-2015 truck with 5 k miles

If this is Senator Blevins' idea of "working closely" with FSAC, the animals are in big trouble.  She failed to even ask FSAC if they'd be willing to house dogs picked up by the state before pitching this tale to the Senate. 

Senate audio of Senator Blevins claiming high mileage on FSAC vehicles (forward to 4:20) can be found here:

Contact the governor, Jack Markell, and let him know how you feel:

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