Is Delaware Animal Welfare moving in the right direction to save more animals? Here are the statewide Statistics starting in 2006. You can see that with the passage of the State's Shelter Standards Law in 2010, that the door to help animals was closed to many animals. Where are those animals?

To achieve a No Kill State we must have resources for providing all animals with safe places.  These places must be located throughout the State to give our human residents resources in their neighborhoods.  The Safe places can then help the animals find temporary placements until forever homes are located.  Shelters should never be used to house animals long term.

Lets help animals together.

Entire Delaware Shelter Statistics (This is a tally of all shelters in Delaware)

Year             Intake           Euthanized          Euthanized Rate

2006            20,856          11,562                    55.44%
2007            24,196           10,714                     44.28%
2008            19,102             7,547                    39.51%
2009            22,438            9,388                   41.84%
2010            20,596            6,042                    29.34%
2011              16,217             4,872                    30.04%
2012            13,596             2,093                    15.39%

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