A Christmas Poem for the Animals at First State Animal Center and SPCA

By Michael Fenimore and Lisa Chase

Broadcast Live on Newstalk 105.9 Christmas Eve, 2014


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the shelter

K-9’s and Felines were snuggling together.

Some bunnies and horses and chickens outside

Were comforted by St. Francis, a friend from inside.

St. Francis, once wealthy with everything he had

Champions the creatures, all healthy but sad.


“Why so down, my four-legged friends?”

“We’re here in this shelter with no home of our own.”

“Well then,” he said, with love in his heart,

“Take heed of the angels and watch them take part.”


“Their wings from the heavens will cover you in love

And find you the families with hearts fueled from above.”

“But that’s not all,” the critters did cry

“So what else can I do?” said Francis as he looked in each eye.


“We want all of our friends to be safe Christmas time. But it takes more than houses they need money to be fine.

First State Animal Center’s mission and work is to open people’s hearts and  their wallets, and give them a  tax perk.”

Dodie and Winter and 100 dogs barked. Kitty and Kimmy and 200 purred in the dark.

They reminded St. Francis of their friends at Petsmart, “In Dover” they cried, “they all need loving hearts.”

“Don’t forget Petco” one kitten did cry “it’s a fun place to visit if you give it a try,

Just down the road I think at the beach. Nothing too far, it’s not out of reach.”


The bunnies chimed in and said “What about us?”

“No worries my friends, you’re fuzzy and loved.”

“We will find the right people with big open hearts.”

So St. Francis of Assisi called St. Nick from above.

To find these fine creatures good homes and great love.


Misty and Cha Cha along with big Nuke all whinnied and neighed for a barn full of hay.

“We want pastures and children and grownups too to groom us and pet us to call us their own.”

“No need to be frightened,” St. Francis said with a tear

“Those angels are watching this special time of year.”

“You see this is Christmas and miracles appear.”

Love for all creatures, human and not, the animals in shelters that humans forgot.

“But you have so much to be grateful for here as you wait.”

“There are volunteers and staff to open that gate.”


So for those of you listening, reading or both,

Do you have room in your lives for an animal with hopes?

They seek loving families or partners like you,

To give them the dream of a life spent with you.

If you can’t take one home we do understand,

But any contribution would be better than none.

They need feed and some blankets, bedding and toys,

The love from your heart will help them endure.

So join St. Francis and good ole St. Nick, and give all these critters as much as you can.

From your friends at the shelter, both four legs and two,

We thank you and wish that your giving spirit never ends.

Cold weather and your pets

Take those animal shot records with you if you travel during the holidays