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Are you willing to be put on an "On Call" list for weekend emergency fosters?
Are you able to care for sick animals and give medications (with instructions)?
Which traits are unacceptable for a foster animal? (Check all that apply) Please note that checking any of these boxes will not disqualify you from fostering – it will allow us to get a feel for what you are able to handle, therefore making more successful foster placements. Please note, also, that most of our animals do not have these issues. The occasional pet needs more work than others, and knowing what you can work with will help us make more appropriate placements.
Where will the pet be kept while it is alone? (Check all that apply)
Are you willing and able to bring your foster to any of our adoption events?
Are you willing to provide us with photos of the foster so that we can promote them?
Do you understand that anyone interested in adopting your foster animal, including yourself, must go through the standard adoption process through application and approval of FSAC & SPCA?
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By submitting this application, you agree to the following terms:

I understand that this pet may not be sold, given away, euthanized or otherwise disposed of, inhumanely treated, neglected, abused and shall be brought in for preventative medical care when needed.

I understand that the First State Animal Center & SPCA may examine and make inquiries about the animal at any reasonable time and that they may take custody of the animal at any time without notice.

I understand that the First State Animal Center & SPCA makes no claims, guarantees or representation whatsoever regarding the behavior, temperament or health of any animal.

I understand that if an animal shall be fostered by me, that I am making a commitment to that animal for the duration of its time in foster care.  If unable to care for the animal any longer, sufficient notice will be made to the First State Animal Center & SPCA.

I understand that an animal in my care as a foster is NOT my personal pet, but is still a First State Animal Center & SPCA shelter pet. First State Animal Center & SPCA will supply all food and supplies necessary for the foster pet, as well as medical care as necessary.  I understand that if I purchase supplies for the foster pet on my own I will not be reimbursed for those supplies.  I understand that if I take the foster pet to a veterinarian outside of the First State Animal Center & SPCA, I will not be reimbursed for the medical care.

I understand that I am expected to keep my foster pet separate from my personal pets.  I understand that even with separation, there is a risk that your personal pets can become ill through airborne viruses. First State Animal Center & SPCA cannot reimburse you for any veterinary costs incurred to treat your own pet at your veterinarian.  Proof of current vaccinations for your personal pets are required documents to be considered foster parents with the First State Animal Center & SPCA.