Thank you for your interest in fostering our animals! Foster animals are sometimes 'bottle babies', a little too young for adoption, a mom with a litter, a pet in need of socialization or an animal requiring extra care to heal, recover or fight a sickness. The foster care program is not limited to cats and dogs ... any animal could be a fostered pet! When you foster, the animals in your care are still First State Animal Center and SPCA shelter pets. We provide food, supplies and the necessary medical care for them; you provide a loving home environment! 

Please fill out the FOSTER CARE APPLICATION.

We look forward to having you on our team!

The FSAC & SPCA is always in need of foster families to assist in caring for our animals. Fostering involves the temporary placement of shelter animals in the homes of loving providers within our community. The FSAC & SPCA provides the foster family with all food, medication, crates/kennels, toys, beds, etc.; there is no out-of-pocket expense. All we need is you to provide the love.

The foster program alleviates the strain on the FSAC & SPCA and its facilities with its sole purpose of caring for animals with special needs and animals too young for adoption.

Animals may require fostering for numerous reasons, but the more common reasons are:

Too young for adoption:

Animals can not be adopted until they are at least 8 weeks old. Our puppies & kittens that are younger than 8 weeks need more attention than we can provide due to the overwhelming number of animals moving through our shelter each day.

Minor surgery:

Animals may need some special attention and relaxation while they recover from minor surgery.


Animals may become mildly ill, requiring scheduled doses of medication in addition to the recovery benefits from a quiet, relaxed, and loving atmosphere.

Bottle babies:

These are extremely young animals that still require frequent formula feeding from bottles. They may have been found or turned in without a mother or their mother may have rejected feeding them for numerous reasons.

Fostering is an extremely rewarding and educational experience. Younger children can learn lifelong valuable lessons from you as you provide care. If you can't have a permanent animal in your life, fostering is a way to temporarily have one and to truly make a difference in an animal’s life