An adoption fee is charged on all pets. This pays for their sterilization, vaccination, micro-chipping, etc. The typical fees on adoptable animals are:

6 months of age and under:

  • Puppies - $260.00 - Effective April 8, 2019

  • Kittens - $85.00

Over 7 months of age:

  • Dogs - $185.00 - Effective Aug. 8, 2016

  • Cats - $60.00

To place any animal on hold for adoption consideration (MUST be done in person and with a completed application)

The FSAC & SPCA runs special adoption pricing frequently throughout the year. Please check with us on special adoption promotions.



If an animal is returned after the 14-day period a $20 surrender fee will apply. An adopted animal MUST be returned to the shelter if you can no longer care for it.



The FSAC & SPCA will not knowingly adopt out a sick animal. We do everything possible to keep our animals clean and disease-free, including providing protective inoculations. We require that you take your newly adopted pet to your vet within the first 7 days after adoption. If they become ill within the first 7 days of arriving at your home, you must decide to return it to the shelter or to pay for vet care at your own expense. If you have a statement from your vet, or have been seen by our vet and the animal is returned to us within 7 days, all adoption fees will be refunded.