Kit Cat ID# 353111

This charming cat is named Kit Cat!  He is estimated to be around 2 years old.  He is a talkative fella that enjoys life and people.  He is allergic to plastic so cannot have plastic bowls.  But other than that, Kit Cat is a wonderful cat.  He is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and ready for adoption today!

Bobby ID # 347349

Bobby is about 1 year old.  He is a strong fellow that will need a strong owner that can take him on walks and teach him new things.  He would love to have an active home, where he can run, play, and explore the world. He will need to meet other dogs that you may have in the home due to him being dog selective.  Please consider him for a forever pet.

Eireann ID# 346581

Eireann is 4 years old.  She is a laid back and reserved cat.  She would like a quiet home where she can enjoy peaceful naps and pampering kitty time.  Adopt Eireann or donate towards her care.